Lobby of the Azalai Bamako hotel

Guest Reviews

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Recently stayed here for a two-week business trip. The area is secure with a solid metal fence enclosing the property; vehicle check point, and pedestrian walk thru with metal detector. The restaurant had an all you could eat buffet that came included in my room. Given my odd hours, if I ate in the hotel, I ordered room service. I did use the hotel laundry facilities and my clothing was returned the next day folded. The cost for room service/meals/laundry were fair and I never thought as a foreigner I was being overcharged. My room was nice and the days I had housekeeping they did a nice job, no complaints. Wifi was available and I had no issue checking mail, doing some surfing and browsing youtube. I had no problems with the hotel and if in Bamako, would gladly stay there again.


Hotel très sécurisé, chambre spacieuse et très propre et une belle piscine avec bar à coté, pour un déplacement professionnel je recommande!
Malheureusement un peu excentré, donc si on ne veux pas se promener de nuit le restaurant de l'hotel est correct, tout type de cuisine mais manque de charme...
Nouriture très correcte!