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Group Azalaï Hotels

is the leading hotel chain in West Africa and regional leader in the hotel sector. With more than 20 years of experience and a headquarters based in Mali, Azalaï Hotels has developed a strategy focused on satisfying the growing needs of its customers by constantly improving the quality of its high-end service, meticulously renovating its hotel units and rigorously managing its rapidly growing portfolio.

From Bamako to Ouagadougou, Cotonou, Bissau, Nouakchott and Abidjan, the success of the Azalaï Hotels Group is reinforced by a warm welcome and a quality service that guarantees African hospitality. This top-of-the-range service is the result of the work of all the company’s employees. The Azalaï Hotels Group generates more than 4000 direct and indirect jobs throughout the sub-region.


Since its creation, the AZALAÏ HOTELS Group has developed around strong values such as Humility, Rigour, Quality, Hospitality and Listening,
These values have guaranteed its growth and stability as well as a strong close relationship with its customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

Aware that the nature of its activities creates specific obligations in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),
The AZALAÏ HOTELS Group has decided to integrate into its Corporate Project a CSR dimension that will be reflected in…..

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Revivez lles dates importantes de l'histoire d'Azalaï hôtel

This charter, which was adopted by the Board of Directors of Azalaï Hotels SA in its meeting of Wednesday, December 6, 2017, applies to all directors of the company.

The purpose of this Charter, which is in accordance with the legal and statutory provisions, is to contribute to the quality of the work of the Directors by promoting the effective application of corporate governance principles and good practices. The Charter is not intended to limit, expand or modify the scope of the powers vested in the Board by law or the Articles of Association, but rather to strengthen good governance.

The directors of Azalaï Hotels SA undertake to adhere to the guiding rules contained in this Charter and to implement them.

At least three sessions of the Board of Directors of the company shall be held per year.

Administration and general interest
The director must act in all circumstances in the company’s corporate interest. Regardless of how it is appointed, it must take into account the expectations of other stakeholders.

Compliance with laws and statutes
The administrator must fully understand his or her rights and obligations. In particular, he must be familiar with and comply with the legal and regulatory provisions relating to his position, the applicable codes and good governance practices, as well as the company’s own rules resulting from its articles of association.

Exercise of functions: guiding principles
The director performs his duties with independence, integrity, loyalty and professionalism.

Independence and duty of expression
The director shall ensure that his independence of judgment, decision and action is preserved in all circumstances. He shall refrain from being influenced by any factor unrelated to the corporate interest he is charged with defending. 2

He alerts the Board to any element of his knowledge that seems likely to affect the company’s interests.

He has a duty to clearly express his questions and opinions. He tries to convince the Board of the relevance of his positions. In the event of disagreement, he shall ensure that these are explicitly recorded in the minutes of the deliberations.

Independence and conflicts of interest
The director shall endeavour to avoid any conflict that may exist between his moral and material interests and those of the company. He or she shall inform the Board of any conflict of interest in which he or she may be involved. In cases where he cannot avoid being in a conflict of interest, he shall refrain from participating in the debates and in any decision on the matters concerned.

Integrity and loyalty
The director acts in good faith in all circumstances and does not take any initiative that could harm the interests of the company.

He personally undertakes to respect the total confidentiality of the information he receives, the debates in which he participates and the decisions taken.

He shall refrain from using for his own personal benefit or for the benefit of anyone else the inside information to which he has access. In particular, when he holds information on the company in which he is a director that has not been made public, he shall refrain from using it to carry out or have carried out by a third party transactions in the company’s shares.

Professionalism and involvement
The director undertakes to devote the necessary time and attention to his duties.

He ensures that the number and workload of his directorships leave him sufficient time, particularly if he also exercises executive functions.

It is informed about the company’s businesses and specificities, its challenges and values, including by interviewing its main managers.

He participates in the meetings of the Board of Directors and the specialized committees of which he is a regular and diligent member.

He may attend General Meetings of Shareholders, whether or not he is a shareholder.

It shall endeavour to obtain within an appropriate period of time the information it considers essential to its deliberations within the Board in full knowledge of the facts.

He makes every effort to update the knowledge that is useful to him and asks the company for the training that is necessary for him to carry out his mission effectively.

Professionalism and efficiency
Directors contribute to the collegiality and efficiency of the work of the Board and any specialized committees that may be formed within it. It shall make any recommendation it considers likely to improve the Board’s operating procedures. He accepts the evaluation of his own action within the Board.

Together with the other members of the Board, it ensures that guidance and control missions are carried out efficiently and without obstacles. In particular, it ensures that procedures are in place within the company to ensure that laws and regulations are complied with in letter and spirit.

It ensures that the positions adopted by the Board are subject, without exception, to formal decisions, correctly


The hotel sector is growing rapidly in Africa. According to the IMF, the growth rate in Sub-Saharan Africa, supported by demand for commodities such as oil, copper and lʼor will surpass all regions at except Asia.
Currently, the Azalaï Hotels Group manages 9 hotels located in Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Benin, Mauritania and Côte dʼIvoire It aims, through a strategic development plan, to invest in the region in order to meet the fast growing demand in the sector.

The inauguration projects for the next hotel units are planned in Selingue, Mali, Dakar, Senegal, Niamey, Niger, Conakry, Guinea and Lomé, Togo.

Pays Azalai

Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso):
Renovation of AZALAÏ HOTEL INDEPENDENCE Opening in 2019

Dakar (Sénégal):
A 4-star hotel with 200 rooms, the new Business District of the Senegalese capital Opens in 2019.

Conakry (Guinée):
A 4-star hotel with 160 rooms in the Coleah district, near the administrative and business district of the capital. Opened in 2020.

Niamey (Niger):
A 4-star hotel with 150 rooms in the heart of the city. Opened in 2020.

Sélingué (Mali):
A 3-star leisure complex with 100 rooms, near Lake Selingué, 140 km south of Bamako, an exceptional location popular with Malians and expatriates alike.

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